Hello my lovelies!

We’ve been working away like busy little bees over the past month or so, and while we are waiting for the plasterer to come at the end of this month we took on a little side project – refurbishing the original outhouse aka outside toilet/garden’s toilet/outside lavatory…

We have a serious lack of toilet facilities at the moment, which is a little inconvenient when you’re doing a full days work on the house, so refurbing the outhouse made sense.

We started out by cutting back all the overgrown hedges, ivy and various plant life and ripping out the original toilet, sink and beauty boards.

Alan stepped in and did the pipe work and put some tile backer board (left over from the wetroom) on the floor to serve as a barrier between the wet floor and the tile adhesive – the tile backer board is water proof.

We got some free tiles which someone had left over from their own bathroom project and we bought the adhesive and grout. It took me a day to tile and an hour the following evening to do the grout – so it was a pretty quick and easy job.

When we took the beauty board off there was some lath already nailed to the wall (which saved us some labour) and we found a load of pallet boards (de-nailed) on Gumtree for £70.

We started measuring and nailing the boards on as randomly as we could – we felt it would look better if they were differing lengths and thicknesses instead of running all the cuts together.

They went on pretty quick once we got into the swing of it. We worked on the two opposite walls first, then we framed out the back wall (where the toilet will sit).

It took about three days total to get the tiles laid and the boards on the wall and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the result! Alan wasn’t convinced at all when I first mentioned using old pallet boards to clad the walls… however when he started to see it take shape he loved it! Thank you pinterest!

We were debating whether or not to run lights and a pull cord out to it, but in the end decided against it. I have a little pull cord light (from Ray Grahams) which is pretty funky and I’m thinking of getting a few to hand from the ceiling. They are battery operated too so I figure I can just replace the batteries on them every now and again. The one in the photo (above) has lasted almost a year, so doubt we will be changing the batteries too often!

The window needs a clean and a lick of paint, we need to run the waste for the basin and put the flush handle on the cistern, but that’s it pretty much done (apart from the decorating part… bunting anyone?) Now it’s back to the main house for some more serious stuff!

Big hugs x


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