Hello my lovelies,

I’ve added a handy little shelf to the outside lavatory where we can store toilet roll, room spray and the like and I thought I’d share it with you.

We didn’t want to add a toilet roll holder or anything to the room as its only a single skin block wall with lathe and boards on the inside, so it may at times have some damp in the air – and I don’t want mushy toilet roll!

I took a little trip Dunelm Mill and picked up an adorable little wore basket, a decorative grey ceramic star, a little green flower jar and a room spray.
I made the shelf using the widest of the leftover pallet boards and some decorative black brackets from Homebase.

I cut the plank to size and measured an even space on either end for the backers to be placed, then screwed them on using a hand screw driver… No need for power tools when your working with little screws!

Then I placed the shelf where I wanted it to sit in the wall above the cistern and used a small level to make sure it was sitting straight before fixing it to the wall.

I added the items from Dunelm Mill to the shelf and filled the basket. I also cut a fresh flower from the garden for the flower jar – it’s great having a mature garden where I can get fresh flowers! We also have a lovely holly tree which we can trim to use a decoration at Christmas *squee!*

I think it all looks pretty rad. I’ll probably add a few more decorative bits in here at a later stage, but for now I’m very happy with how everything turned out.

All in it didn’t cost us anymore than about £100 – and the majority of that was the £70 for the de-nailed pallet boards.

Big hugs xx


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