We’ve been working on the new house since November – staying with my parents while we get the big stuff done – and we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel…

While all the things we have been doing between the two of us could easily have been done super quick if we had the money to get a tonne of professionals in, we aren’t in a position to do that, we have to pick and choose what we can and can’t do ourselves, which is why everything is taking so long.

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House Update | Onwards and Upwards…

Hello my lovelies,

Well we’ve finally done it… the house is as complete as we can make it and we’ve decided to move on to another project, so this week we went ahead and put it up for sale.

It was a BIG decision, trust me on that, but although we love this little house and we have loved spending these past two years renovating and decorating it, it is time for us to move on to pastures new. We live in a pretty rural, costal village and we like the general area so we won’t be moving too far, but having lived in and renovated our current house over the past two years we know exactly what we need in the next house that we don’t have/can’t create in this one.

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Operation Good-lookin’ Garden | Painting External Wood

Hello my lovelies,

Since the sun is (mostly) shining and the weather has been relatively dry, the hubby and I have started to focus a bit more on the outside of the house again. Last time the weather picked up we got the back garden turfed and seeded and fenced off the front. Now the race is on to get the second stage of ‘operation goodlookin’-garden’ finished before the poor weather strikes again!

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Hidden Danger | Vertical Blinds

Hello my lovelies,

Things have (as always) been pretty hectic this month, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to share this with you as I think it’s very important to get this out there – and this may be a long one… there’s a story involved!

We had to put the bedroom on hold while we worked out a cheap (and safe) solution for the bay window in the living room and we really needed to get that done ASAP…. and this is why…

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Blogmas Day One | Apologies and Christmas Decorations

Hello my lovelies,

First and foremost many apologies for missing the first day of Blogmas! Yesterday was extremely busy and stressful, and when I finally got home I just took a couple of Cold & Flu tabs and laid on the sofa in my onesie. So today I’ve got two posts for you! The first one of which is actually yesterday’s post and later on this evening I’ll be posting todays post.

On the first day of Blogmas I want to share with yooooooou…. my Christmas decorations with you. The husband very kindly decorated the fireplace and put up our Christmas tree while I was Christmas shopping on Saturday – it was soooo amazingly good to come home from the crush of Christmas shoppers to a beautiful Christmas tree and a lovely warm fire.

Even yesterday when I was having a really horrible day, it was a warming thought knowing that soon it would be over and I would be heading home to all the festive decorations. It really did give me a bit of a lift.






I hope you are all having fun decorating your tree/home for Christmas and the warming feeling it gives. Let me know if any of you are doing Blogmas as well. Remember to subscribe to keep up-to-date with my daily posts.

Big love,

Kiki x

Gift Dilemmas | Gift’s For People Who Are Difficult To Buy For

Hello my lovelies!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been scouring the internet for Christmas gift ideas and have pretty much sorted out all out all of my gifts for everyone, but there are a few people who are really difficult to buy for and I’ve been struggling with what I should get them, so I’ve turned to that age-old gift solution – personalisation.

When in doubt I always turn to, they offer a fantastic range of personalised gifts and always have the answer to my gifting dilemmas. I think they came up trumps with these five little gems!

These will go down a treat this Christmas, what do you think?

For the girl who loves jewellery (but has just about every piece on the market)…

Design Your Own Star Necklace - J&S Jewellery £19.50

This Design Your Own Star Necklace for £19.50 is a great option. She isn’t going to have this and it’s completely personalised… if in doubt about buying jewellery I find that a small personalised item is much more appreciated than a large over-priced monstrosity.

For the literary lady who has a library at her disposal…

Jane Eyre Birdcage Necklace £13

When you don’t know what book to get the literary fan in you life, don’t waste you time scouring the bookshelves… get her this – the Jane Eyre Birdcage Necklace. For £13 you get a beautifully made birdcage necklace complete with a lovely printed quote which she can then use as a bookmark… two gifts in one – you can’t go wrong.

For the house-proud pair who have their pad sitting pretty…

Peronalised House Illustration £42

I know from experience that buying and renovating your first home together is a really big deal and the finished product is something to be immensely proud of. This Personalised House Illustration for £42 is a beautiful way to capture the hard work and dedication first-time buyers/renovators have put into their home and something they can take with them if/when they move.

For the lovey-dovey newly weds…

Peronalised Penguin Love Linen Cushion by TILLYANNA £30

It’s always difficult to buy a joint gift for someone. You see something one person might like, but the other person wont and visa versa…. and the to-ing and fro-ing can go on for ages. The easiest option is a homeware gift. Choose something cute but practical like this Personalised Penguin Love Linen Cushion for £30 and you’re on to a winner. A cushion is something you can put anywhere in the home, the living room, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, etc – the list is endless, so you’re not forcing someone to find space in a particular room for a decorative item.

The crowd pleaser…

Personalised Knitted Mug Cosy by CHI CHI MOI £17

When you really are at a loose end on what to buy, how about this, the Personalised Knitted Mug Cosy for £17. It’s handmade, has a cute personalised label and it comes in several different colours. You can even buy a mug to go with it and some of their favourite tea/coffee/hot chocolate to complete the gift. It’s a really simple gift, but one that everyone will love.

I hope you enjoyed this quick gift guide and that it gave you some ideas for what to get those who are difficult to buy gifts for in your life. Don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe to keep up-to-date with my daily posts.

Big love,

Kiki x

X marks the spot…. or not….

This weekend was supposed to be pretty chilled out, I was home, I was happy and I wanted nothing more than to just kick-back and catch-up on all the missed episodes of Dr. Who – gawd bless iplayer… what would I do without you! But all my well-laid plans of chillaxing with the doc went straight down the pan when I heard about something called Geocaching.
After a little light googling I found out that geocaching – pronounced ‘g-e-o-cash-ing’ is a global treasure hunt – well now, I’m a true sucker for treasure hunts, follow the clues, x-marks the spot, and this was a GLOBAL one… well now, how could I resist?
Sunday morning started a little slowly (hey, it was a heavy Saturday night), but a bowl of weetabix and a cuppa cha goes a long way to fixing me up for the day.
Picnic packed and armed with the GPS co-ordinates to six ‘caches’, J and I headed off on our tour d’ adventure. I have no idea what that means, seeing as how my French only goes as far as saying ‘hello’, ‘how are you’, my name is…’, will you come to bed with me’, ‘suck my c**k’, ‘f**k off’ and ‘goodbye’… hopefully never to be uttered in that order. The two ludest ones are the only two I can remember from the multitude supplied to me by C, the very best French housemate ever – damn that girl knows how to party!
In the immortal words of Girls Aloud, “I can’t speak French, but I’ll let the funky music do the talking, talking, yeah.”
The first stop in our search for the geo-cache stash was a trifle easy…. my beloved iphone quickly pointed us in the right direction, leading us to our first (and what would turn out to be our only) geo-cache find! Oh the excitement I can tell you. Like two excited children on Christmas morning we opened the little black, old-school 35mm film container to find a geo-coin, a roll of paper and a tiny pencil inside. We turned the coin over in our hands (hoping it would bring us good luck), before signing our names on the paper and rolling it up side the container along with the tiny pencil.
One down, five more to go.
The next one was slightly trickier… the beloved iphone was slightly confused (as is everything in the Dee) and we ended up rambling up hills and through hedges for a good half hour before J called out:

“I’ve found it, I’ve got it!”

Yes! Success!

“Oh, no hang on, it’s just a golf ball.”

And then:

“You know people have left comments on this sheet you printed out from that website. One guy wrote here that he couldn’t find the bloody thing.”

What? Couldn’t find it! No, I refuse to give up, not after we’d been searching for over half a bloody hour!

But there was more:

“Here this guy only left that comment two days ago. He seems to have done quite a lot of these things. Says he’s done 58. If he couldn’t find the sucker I don’t think we’re guna.”

Bollocks. J was right. I hate it when J’s right.

Accepting that number two had eluded us, we moved on to number three. I suspect now that a dog, sniffing through the undergrowth, probably found cache number two and carried it back to its owner, who then quite likely thinking it was rubbish, chucked it in the nearest bin.
After refuelling on ham and cheese sandwiches from our picnic we were convinced cache number three would be a doddle, a walk in the park… quite literally.
Yes, number three was in a public park, with joggers, children, elderly couples and dog walkers milling about – did we care that we looked like eejits, following a iphone through the ‘rough ground’ around the park, lifting rocks and digging through flower beds – did we sod. Did we find that little bugger of a cache – did we sod.
On to number four. Determined not to be completely beaten by these well hidden caches we tried for our fourth one – only to have the beloved iphone die… it too was losing the will to live by this point.
Devoid of any GPS device to follow, we headed back to the car to recharge the iphone and discuss our next cache hunt. I wouldn’t say we ‘gave up’ on the fourth cache, rather the iphone did. Yes, I’m blaming the iphone and its lack of enthusiasm for the fourth cache.
Cache number five was different, cache number five was exciting, cache number five was ‘delicately’ hidden in the delapitated graveyard of an old abbey – oh yes, at cache number five we got our mojo back.
En-route to number five we took a small detour through the Manor House Park to see if the Manor’s strawberries were ready for picking – a punnet of freshly picked strawberries would have gone down a treat as a celebration for finding number five (so sure were we of its location). Unfortunately the strawberries were not ready yet, not a one victory strawberry could we eat – I saw this as a bad omen on cache number five.
The old graveyard is small and enclosed by a tall stone wall. I can’t particularly say I enjoyed this one – the graves are packed tight together and you literally have to walk across broken headstones to move in it at all. The iphone was suggesting several possible locations where the cache could be hidden (damn thing was possessed). Though we checked every nook and cranny in both the outer wall of the graveyard and the abbey wall itself – number five was still MIA.

“Have you read these stones? They’re so old, like hundreds and hundreds of years old, and they all died real young. Look, that girl there was only 17, and that guy was only 16, and look his brother was only 14. That’s awful, is that why they had so many children back then?” – J had given up looking for number five completely.

Being the superstitious Irish being that I am, and after having my iphone point me in a ziggity zagged maze around the graveyard, I decided that maybe we were having a prank played on us by the ‘youthful spirits’ underfoot.
Time to go, yes it was indeed.
By this time I can’t say we were particularly enthusiastic about searching for the sixth cache. In fact we had all but decided to give up, moaning about ‘crappy GPS co-ordinates’ and ‘thieving muggles’.

“Bet someones stolen them all for a laugh. Am I laughing? Thieving muggles.” – J has never read a Harry Potter book in her life, I doubt she actually knows what a muggle is… bless her socks.

Having already driven a good few miles down the coast on our quest for the caches, we decided that driving a few more couldn’t hurt, so we called down to a lovely little restaurant in a fishing harbour for food. It is in actual fact one of my favourite restaurants in Ireland and is very aptly named The Quays.
The famous haddock and chips were ordered and eaten with relish – best darn haddock and chips in Ireland. Those guys deserve a medal… maybe an OBE for services to food and hungry bellies.
Turns out a tasty dinner was all we needed to renew our interest in the final cache…. With only one cache ‘find’ under our belt and four epic fails since, we decided to try for the sixth cache.
The sixth was located on a rocky outcrop just off the shore that can only be reached at low tide. Lucky for us, it was low tide, and we walked across the sand right out to the rocks.
We were not only relying on GPS co-ordinates this time, oh no, this time we had been left with a clue! The cache was hidden in the grassy area on the highest point of the rocks, the point that wouldn’t be underwater when the tide came in – easy, the grassy area was about the size of two double beds put side by side.
Not so easy, came the realisation that critters (most likely seagulls) had carried off the cache since it was no where to be found. Damn birds.
So one find, five epic fails, one golf ball, four ham and cheese sandwiches, two haddock and chips and a (once again) dead iphone later and I can honestly say that I had a thoroughly good time! It was a massive disaster in terms of treasure, success, attention span, etc….. but damn it was good clean fun! Just the ticket for a sunny Sunday adventure.
Maybe naming it the tour d’ treasure was our first mistake.
Sods law.

Peace and love,