We’ve been working on the new house since November – staying with my parents while we get the big stuff done – and we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel…

While all the things we have been doing between the two of us could easily have been done super quick if we had the money to get a tonne of professionals in, we aren’t in a position to do that, we have to pick and choose what we can and can’t do ourselves, which is why everything is taking so long.

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House Update | Onwards and Upwards…

Hello my lovelies,

Well we’ve finally done it… the house is as complete as we can make it and we’ve decided to move on to another project, so this week we went ahead and put it up for sale.

It was a BIG decision, trust me on that, but although we love this little house and we have loved spending these past two years renovating and decorating it, it is time for us to move on to pastures new. We live in a pretty rural, costal village and we like the general area so we won’t be moving too far, but having lived in and renovated our current house over the past two years we know exactly what we need in the next house that we don’t have/can’t create in this one.

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Hidden Danger | Vertical Blinds

Hello my lovelies,

Things have (as always) been pretty hectic this month, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to share this with you as I think it’s very important to get this out there – and this may be a long one… there’s a story involved!

We had to put the bedroom on hold while we worked out a cheap (and safe) solution for the bay window in the living room and we really needed to get that done ASAP…. and this is why…

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House Progress | Four Rooms

Hello my lovelies,

It’s been a while, but I’m finally feeling better and I’ve got more house updates for you all. Since I haven’t posted in a while I’m going to show you the dining room, back porch (mini mud room), living room, front hall and stairway… so go make yourself a cup of tea, this will be a long one!

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Master Bedroom | Faux Fireplace Upcycle Update

Hello my lovelies,

This is another quick update about the ongoing project that is our house! I’m ever so pleased to say that after 14 months of hard slog we are very nearly finished with all the major projects and decoration… not quite there, but very nearly almost. The faux bedroom fireplace was a little ‘inbetween’ project that I took a liking to after seeing it on dollybowbow’s YouTube channel.

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Gift Dilemmas | Gift’s For People Who Are Difficult To Buy For

Hello my lovelies!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been scouring the internet for Christmas gift ideas and have pretty much sorted out all out all of my gifts for everyone, but there are a few people who are really difficult to buy for and I’ve been struggling with what I should get them, so I’ve turned to that age-old gift solution – personalisation.

When in doubt I always turn to, they offer a fantastic range of personalised gifts and always have the answer to my gifting dilemmas. I think they came up trumps with these five little gems!

These will go down a treat this Christmas, what do you think?

For the girl who loves jewellery (but has just about every piece on the market)…

Design Your Own Star Necklace - J&S Jewellery £19.50

This Design Your Own Star Necklace for £19.50 is a great option. She isn’t going to have this and it’s completely personalised… if in doubt about buying jewellery I find that a small personalised item is much more appreciated than a large over-priced monstrosity.

For the literary lady who has a library at her disposal…

Jane Eyre Birdcage Necklace £13

When you don’t know what book to get the literary fan in you life, don’t waste you time scouring the bookshelves… get her this – the Jane Eyre Birdcage Necklace. For £13 you get a beautifully made birdcage necklace complete with a lovely printed quote which she can then use as a bookmark… two gifts in one – you can’t go wrong.

For the house-proud pair who have their pad sitting pretty…

Peronalised House Illustration £42

I know from experience that buying and renovating your first home together is a really big deal and the finished product is something to be immensely proud of. This Personalised House Illustration for £42 is a beautiful way to capture the hard work and dedication first-time buyers/renovators have put into their home and something they can take with them if/when they move.

For the lovey-dovey newly weds…

Peronalised Penguin Love Linen Cushion by TILLYANNA £30

It’s always difficult to buy a joint gift for someone. You see something one person might like, but the other person wont and visa versa…. and the to-ing and fro-ing can go on for ages. The easiest option is a homeware gift. Choose something cute but practical like this Personalised Penguin Love Linen Cushion for £30 and you’re on to a winner. A cushion is something you can put anywhere in the home, the living room, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, etc – the list is endless, so you’re not forcing someone to find space in a particular room for a decorative item.

The crowd pleaser…

Personalised Knitted Mug Cosy by CHI CHI MOI £17

When you really are at a loose end on what to buy, how about this, the Personalised Knitted Mug Cosy for £17. It’s handmade, has a cute personalised label and it comes in several different colours. You can even buy a mug to go with it and some of their favourite tea/coffee/hot chocolate to complete the gift. It’s a really simple gift, but one that everyone will love.

I hope you enjoyed this quick gift guide and that it gave you some ideas for what to get those who are difficult to buy gifts for in your life. Don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe to keep up-to-date with my daily posts.

Big love,

Kiki x