The phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been truer than with this old cistern.

My husband’s friend took it out of an old retirement home that were updating their sanitaryware and he immediately knew it would be something that would interest us. He sent a photo straight across to my husband to see if we wanted to restore it and use it in the house renovation.

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So we did it… we sold our first home and have bought a new one… which is why I have been absent on here for so long.

We have been working flat out on stripping out the new house as it was in quite a poorly state and is a much bigger project than the last house, but I’m here with a little update as we are now at the stage where we can take a breath and start to plan how we are going to put it all back together again!

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House Update | Onwards and Upwards…

Hello my lovelies,

Well we’ve finally done it… the house is as complete as we can make it and we’ve decided to move on to another project, so this week we went ahead and put it up for sale.

It was a BIG decision, trust me on that, but although we love this little house and we have loved spending these past two years renovating and decorating it, it is time for us to move on to pastures new. We live in a pretty rural, costal village and we like the general area so we won’t be moving too far, but having lived in and renovated our current house over the past two years we know exactly what we need in the next house that we don’t have/can’t create in this one.

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Got a virus x 2!

Hello my lovelies,

Just wanted to post a quick update on why I haven’t posted anymore house updates yet… Well I had the flu which was bad enough, but then I went and downloaded some silly computer virus pretending to be a flash update! So mad right now. My computer is still not right and I’ve lost pretty much everything off it, so please bare with me while I try and fix it.

Big loves,
Kiki x

House Progress | Kitchen

Hello my lovelies,

Remember I said I was going to share some of the house progress with you? Well this little post is all about the progress of our kitchen. It’s one of the most complete rooms in the house with just a few small bits to finish off so I thought I’d share that with you first.

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Master Bedroom | Faux Fireplace Upcycle Update

Hello my lovelies,

This is another quick update about the ongoing project that is our house! I’m ever so pleased to say that after 14 months of hard slog we are very nearly finished with all the major projects and decoration… not quite there, but very nearly almost. The faux bedroom fireplace was a little ‘inbetween’ project that I took a liking to after seeing it on dollybowbow’s YouTube channel.

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House Clearing, Caveman Keto and Eat Water Slim Pasta…

Hello my lovelies!
Sorry for the big gap between posts, last week was a little bit mental. I’ve been clearing out the attic, toolshed and utility room in preparation for ordering a skip in a couple of weeks. I can now at last say the toolshed and utility are completely cleared and the attic is basically cleared too, just a few bits and bobs of old paper work to sort out, which feels so good! I had been feeling a little like things had stalled a bit on the house, we are so close to being able to say it’s completed that I just wanted to make an extra push to get the rooms that needed the most work and clearing completed instead of avoiding them.
Keto has been going well. I’ve lost 5 pounds total. I did have some carbs and sugar over the weekend, but although it was over the 20g a day I’m allowed, it wasn’t massively so. The breakfasts and dinners are really easy, but the lunches are a bit boring. They have me a bit stumped to be honest. I’ve tried to pep them up this week by making up some keto bento but I’m really missing sandwiches. I tried to find some flax bread. I’ve read about it online and it seems to be a pretty good low carb bread replacement, but I couldn’t get any in my local health food store so I’m looking for a recipe using almond flour as I was able to get some of that.
I’m thinking of getting a deep fat fryer and using lard in it, but I’m really not too sure if all deep fat fryers are compatible with lard? I’ve been reading a lot of Caveman Keto’s blog and he uses one to make deep fat fried cheese and keto chicken nuggets and they sound delicious! I’m also going back to the Eat Water Slim Pasta. It is so low in carbs and will be a great filler food for with a meat and sauce. Pasta dishes were my go to quick meal before keto.
Also the Romwe stuff arrived, yay! So my haul is ready to go and I’ll get that up during the week along with a Curvy Autumn lookbook. I’m very excited about this. It’s my first proper fashion’y blog post and I’m excited for you to see my outfit choices.
Big love,
Kiki x