Nutritional Yeast… or nooch as we connoisseurs like to call it, is a savoury, cheesey flavoured seasoning, jam-packed with a load of essential nutrients that is a staple of most vegans’ food cupboard. If you haven’t tried it, you need to. This stuff is brilliant.

To me (and most other rational people) nooch is a seasoning, however the big bad guys over at Slimming World have added a syn value to it (a whopping 2.5 per ‘level’ tablespoon)… which in my opinion is just ridiculous. So I did a little research…

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Blogmas Day 22 | Slimming World Christmas Dinner

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to Blogmas Day 22! Apologies for the long absence this month – in the run up to Christmas everything has just gone a bit manic! I did however manage to make a spectacular 9 syn Christmas Dinner last Sunday (as the hubs and I are going to my parents for Christmas Dinner this year we thought we would do a ‘test run’ at home). I know that Christmas is generally the time of excess, and trust me I’m pretty sure I will be consuming a fair bit of the Christmas Eve cheeseboard, but Christmas dinner itself doesn’t have to be jam packed with syns – in fact its one of the few things about Christmas that can be relatively healthy!

This Christmas dinner is 9 syns – the syns are for the cocktail sausages, gravy and stuffing, but you can easily make it syn free… or at least lower in syns, and I’ll explain how as we go along.

So here is my Slimming World Christmas Dinner! All the taste, little syns!

So first and foremost, the turkey – as I was doing this only for the two of us I used turkey breast fillets. I know a lot of people will want to do the full turkey and thats perfectly fine. I suggest you get your butcher to skin it for you, stuff it using one of the stuffing recipes in this post and cook it covered upside down on a really low heat (about 140oC) and half an hour before it’s finished (obviously I can’t give you a cooking time as it will be based on the weight of the turkey) turn it right side up and recover. You don’t need to take the foil off as there is no skin on a Slimming World turkey to crisp!

I also used pre-sliced ham off the bone and Tesco Finest Outdoor Bred Cocktail Sausages (3 for 5 syns) but if you have a butcher who does the syn free sausages use them – I usually would, but I couldn’t get them in time for doing this…


When it comes to the veg I started with the free veg – potatoes and parsnips…

I’m all for saving time, so I choose the You Say Potato microwave in the bag potatoes to use as my roasties and the Tesco Fresh Peeled microwave in the bag potatoes for the mash. The parsnips were just the bog standard value range ones from Tesco.

IMG_6167 IMG_6168

And now for the most important part of every Slimming World Christmas dinner, the Superfree! I went for carrots, brussels sprouts, mange tout and cranberries…


I started by getting the superfree cranberry sauce on the hob… Put the cranberries in a pot along with enough boiling water to just about cover them. Bring to the boil and keep boiling until they open up. As soon as they open up reduce the heat down to a simmer and cover with a lid. You can let this simmer away while you make the rest of the dinner and when the dinner is ready just take the cranberries off the hob and stir in some sweetener to taste…


While the cranberry sauce was simmering away I got the veg ready. My potatoes and carrots were all microwavable in the bag so I simply pierced the bag and put them in the microwave one after the other. Then I put the parsnips and mange tout in two separate pots with boiling water and let them cook. Once they were cooked I drained them. I left the mange tout in the pot and put the parsnips in a roasting tray.



Once I had all that on the go I started on the stuffing. I used this box stuffing from the Tesco value range. You get six portions from this box at 3 syns each. You can make this stretch by mixing the made up stuffing (follow the directions on the box – it’s real simple, just add water) with mashed potato. This is great for using to stuff a whole turkey. Also for a great free alternative to bread stuffing or box stuffing you could make Irish Stuffing.

Irish Stuffing is made using mashed potato, celery, apple, onions, sage, parsley, salt and pepper. Boil and mash the potatoes, cook the celery, onion and apple together in a pot until soft. Add to the mashed potato along with the sage, parsley, salt and pepper then either use to stuff the turkey or roll into balls and cook covered in the oven for 30 minutes.

Now for the turkey. I put each breast between two sheets of baking parchment and bashed it with a rolling pin until it was about 1cm thick. Then I put the stuffing in the centre of the flattened turkey and folded into parcels. I finished them off by wrapping them in slices of ham. I then cooked the turkey parcels covered in the oven for 30 minutes at 180oC and then uncovered for 15 minutes.






Now everything is ready to go in the oven, so a quick spray of frylight over everything and then get it all in the oven…


Once everything has been in the oven for around 30 minutes it’s time to get the brussels on the go. These are really simple to do, just slice them all up and put them in a pan with some fry light, pop the lid on and let them cook for about 20 minutes on a low heat…



I mixed my mange tout with some frylight and garlic and put it on a low heat to brown a little…


For the mash potato I put it in a pot and used a potato masher to mash it down, then I added some cheese (I used two HEa worth as my husband and I were sharing it). Using cheese is a great alternative to butter. You can also use milk, but I really like cheesey mash potatoes.

I used the Bisto Chip Shop Gravy for my gravy. You can use the Slimming World Onion Gravy if you want to have a syn free gravy, but I find it too thin, so I use the Bisto one. One 280ml portion is 6 syns and I used 2 syns for my serving.


So all in all this Christmas Slimming World dinner was 9 syns – but you can use the alternatives I suggested throughout this post to make it lower in syns or completely syn free.

And here’s the finished product… minus the gravy…


I made a bed of brussels sprouts for my turkey parcels to sit on which was roughly the same size as the turkey parcel so that I had a good amount of superfree to start with, then I added the potatoes and balanced that out with the superfree carrots and mange tout. Then we added the parsnips and the cocktail sausages. It’s a really good amount of food, cooked with no butter or oil and with plenty of superfree added in. I have to mention that we did not finish these plates, there was way too much food for one meal and when I was eating it I was conscious of getting a good balance of free and superfree on my fork.

Hope this helps any of you who are worrying about staying on plan at Christmas – and don’t worry too much about it, remember to enjoy it and spend plenty of quality time with friends and family.

Merry Christmas and big love,

Kiki x

Blogmas Day Ten, Eleven & Twelve | Slimming World Cheesy Pasta Bake

Hello my lovelies,

Today’s Blogmas post is a lovely Slimming World recipe for you all. I know its been a long while since I’ve posted any Slimming World recipes, but I find it really hard not to completely pig out over the festive period (especially as it’s so cold, and the takeaways are so near) so I’ve started operation damage limitation. This recipe is a really quick, simple comfort food that you can make the night before and just heat up when you come home form work. Knowing that I have some food already made and prepared at home takes a little bit of the stress from my day.

For this Pasta Bake all you will need is:

One jar of Homepride Cheese and Bacon Pasta Sauce

200g of a dried pasta of your choice

160g low fat cheddar cheese

This dish serves four people and I usually serve it with a rocket and cherry tomato salad as my superfree if I’m doing EE or peas and sweetcorn if I’m doing Green. It’s 4.5 syns per serving and 1 HEA, which for a comfort food, I think is pretty good – at least it’s much better than phoning for a takeaway!

So here goes…

Get all your ingredients together (you will also need a dish to cook it in) – I don’t have the cheese out here because you don’t add it until later and I find leaving it in the fridge until I need to use it stops it melting too fast and/or burning in the oven.

Pour the contents of the sauce jar into a bowl, then fill the empty jar up to the top of the label with cold water and add it to the sauce in the bowl. Mix well…


Weigh out 200g of pasta of your choice and put it in your baking dish. Pour over the sauce mixture…


Then pop this baby in the oven for 25 minutes…


After 25 minutes, take the dish out of the oven and sprinkle the reduced fat cheddar cheese evenly on top. Pop it back in the oven for 20 minutes and make yourself a cup of tea… or a highlights hot chocolate…


After 20 minutes your pasta bake will be done! What an easy Slimming World friendly winter dinner!


I hope you all enjoyed this and that you give it a go – for 4.5 syns it is really worth it – super cheesy and absolutely delicious! If you do green days I really suggest roasting some baby potatoes for with this and adding in some pan fried chilli sweetcorn and peas – winter time carb overload!

If you are a fan of my Slimming World recipe posts then make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss my next post – Christmas Dinner with all the Trimming Slimming World Style – 9 syns total if you can’t get the syn-free sausages and 4 syns total if you can – not bad at all!

I also have a couple of syn-free stuffing recipes which incorporate lots of superfree, and I will be posting that next week. If you use the syn free stuffing recipe in your Christmas dinner instead of the traditional bread one you can have your Christmas dinner for only 1 syn!

And if you want to have a totally syn free Chritmas dinner, you can make the syn-free onion gravy that I think everyone knows about? Personally I don’t like it as it’s too runny and I can never make it thicken up enough for my tastes, which is why I make my own for 1 syn.

Anyways, I’ll go into way more detail about everything in the next couple of posts. In the meantime try and keep away from that extremely tempting shortbread… I’m sure I can’t be the only one struggling to do that?

Big love,

Kiki x

Slimming World style Jamie Oliver Cajun Chicken

Hello my lovelies!

I know in my last post I wrote that I would try and make Sundays my outfits of the week post, but to be honest I’ve been putting them on Instagram daily and I feel like it would just be too repetitive to do a whole post on it, especially since my Intagram feed is linked to this blog in the panel on the left.

So instead I’m dedicating this post to food.. what else, ha!

A lot of you may not know this but I am super interested in cookery books and have amassed a little collection on my kitchen windowsill.

One of my favourite TV chefs is Jamie Oliver. I watch the majority of his cooking programmes and his food always looks soooo good. My lovely husband bought me two of his cookery books for Christmas two years ago, but I never got around to making any recipes from them because it was right around that time that I started Slimming World and just automatically assumed that none of the recipes would be suitable for SW. Oh how wrong I was. I recently got back into watching his 15 minute meal series and realised just how SW friendly his meals are!
The majority of the 15 Minute Meal recipes can be really easily adapted to be SW friendly – and more pocket friendly. Seriously, who buys corn on the cob over a tin of sweetcorn? And who has a griddle pan just laying around the house? Also, Jamie must have a seriously big stove top because trying to fit all these pots and pans onto the stove at the same time was just ridiculous. Rant over. For now.
Anyway, I tried out the Spicy Cajun Chicken with Smashed Sweet Potatoes and Fresh Corn Salad this week and although it took me 30 minutes, not 15 (thanks Jamie!) it was still a beautiful meal, really high quality flavour and a few tweaks made it 100% SW friendly. It was honestly delicious. I divided the ingredients in half because I was only cooking for two, but the below is to serve four.
So here are Jamie’s recommended ingredients and my tweaks:
4 corn on the cob – substituted 2 cans of Tesco Value Sweetcorn
1 small bunch of fresh coriander
1/2 fresh red chilli
4 spring onions
3 ripe tomatoes – substituted a handful of plum tomatoes that were on offer in Tesco
2 limes – didn’t bother with these at all
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil – left this out
800g sweet potatoes – 3 or 4 sweet potatoes
depending on size
2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce – this was syned at 3 syns between 4 people – I counted as 1 syn each to be safe
4 x 120g skinless chicken breasts
1 tbsp Cajun seasoning
1 tbsp polenta – did’t use this
olive oil – substituted for Frylight
2 rashers of smoked streaky bacon – make sure the fat is cut off or use the rindless medallions
175g okra – substituted for asparagus and tender stem broccoli (come in a double pack in tesco)
20g feta cheese – used as HEA (or 5 syns – split between 4 I would count that as 1.5 syns per person to be safe)
Jamie says to get the kettle boiled and get a griddle pan on high heat. If you have a griddle pan, great, get it going. I don’t, so I got a non-stick frying pan on the go.
If you want to follow Jamie’s recipe, i.e using corn on the cob then I recommend you get the book or have a wee look online, I’m are it’s on his website. From here on out I’ll be changing the steps to fit how I did it SW style.
1. Drain the corn and cook it with some Frylight in a pan.
2. Wash the sweet potatoes, peel, then finely slice. Put the sweet potatoes into a large pot, then just cover with boiling salted water and the lid.
3. On a large sheet of greaseproof paper, toss the chicken with salt and the Cajun seasoning. Fold over the paper, then bash and flatten the chicken to approx 1.5cm thick with a rolling pin. Put the chicken into a frying pan with some Frylight, turning after 3 or 4 minutes, until golden and cooked through.
4. Drain the cooked sweet potatoes, return to the pan and mash with the sweet chilli sauce, pop the lid on and leave on a very low heat. 
5. Slice the bacon and add to the frying pan (use the same one as the chicken if you have room, if not get another pan out, or take the chicken out of that pan). As soon as the bacon starts to crisp up, add the tenderstem broccoli and asparagus to the pan.
6. When the corn is slightly charred, put it in a bowl. 
7. Roughly chop the top leafy half of the coriander and add to the corn. Finely slice the chilli and trimmed spring onions, chop the tomatoes, and add to the bowl, then mix well. 
8. Serve the sweet potato smash with the chicken and veg, crumble over the feta, and serve with the fresh salsa on
the side.
 I also added some rocket salad to the plates just to get a bit more super free food in there.
I’m thinking I might make a bit of a series of this – maybe trying one or two of the recipes from the book per week? What do you think? Would you be interested in that?
I really hope you give this one a try, it is super good. I have never been keen on mashed sweet potato, but with the chill sauce and the corn salsa and the whole combination of flavours, it was just so darn tasty that I actually crave it a bit! 
I reckon you could do this recipe with any meat too, it doesn’t have to be chicken. This is aimed at being an ‘extra easy’ day recipe, but you could easily leave out the chicken (substitute with a Quorn fillet) and the bacon to make it a totally green recipe. For a red day you would have to leave out the corn, and I’m not 100% on the sweet potato, but I’m certain you can use some substations for it, maybe butternut squash? I’ve never done the red days so I’m not too sure about it. If you do red days and you know more about them please let me know.
I hope you enjoy this one and you are all staying motivated and body confident. Remember that you are all fantastic no matter what your size or shape. Your weight does not define you!
Big love,
Kiki x